Last night, for the better part of the evening, I watched the weather guys on the local ABC and CBS affiliates tell us about the tornadic activity taking place all around me.  I didn't like it, all the updates on the watches and warnings, the get to a small windowless interior room chatter.  But, I couldn't turn away either; I needed to know if Dog and I needed to make a mad dash to my closet. 

As I sat watching the weather guys, I also kept an eye to the sky.  Things got eery.  Things got very quiet. Things took on a green hue and I don't mean the grass.  All this was happening as the weather guys were showing a big pink blob moving on the radar in my general direction.  I've been told that quiet and a green sky are indicators that tornadoes are nearby.  My best indicator is Dog, she doesn't like storms, she was a nervous wreck, therefore, I became a little un-nerved.  She spent the better part of the evening on my feet, she'd been on my lap if I'd let her.

I'm grateful for the rain, we're in a horrible drought, but the crazy weather antics I can do without. The weather guys were on the air for four solid hours.  I'm glad they were but the fact that they were on the air for four solid hours meant that I missed my favorite TV show, NCIS.  Anyone see it?  Was it a new episode?  Did Gibbs tell that new blond chick to take a hike?  He so needs to do that, tell the new blond chick to take a hike.  Let me know if I need to watch it on the computer, will ya.

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