Seventy Six Trombones

When Daughter was in high school she was a band nerd, her words not mine.  She played the flute and she was pretty good, no, she was very good.  Husband and I went to every band function there was, I guess by association we were band nerds too.

I've always loved bands so it wasn't a stretch for me to attend all of those band functions.  You know, concerts, marching contests, halftime performances--home and away games, band banquets and so on.  My boss at my old employ had a saying about bands at halftime.  He'd say that football was merely the bookends to the real show.  I concur.

Last night I attended the band concert of the school where I used to work, I was invited by a couple of the girls from church.  I'd forgotten how good a high school band can be.  The band director told the audiance that the band program there has received the highest rating at their sight reading competition for twelve consecutive years. That's longer than Daughter's been out of  high school, she graduated in 2002.  As I did the math, forgive me if the numbers are off, math isn't my strong suit, this means that the band program at GHS began their rein of perfection the spring of Daughter's freshman year.  So, not only was she very good, so were her fellow band nerds.  

As I sat listening to the band play Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro, John Phillip Sousa's Stars and Stripes Forever, a little Duke Ellington, and some other excellently played numbers, I was transported at warp speed to nine years ago when Daughter and her friends played in their last high school band concert.  I got misty eyed, I held it together though, I didn't embarrass the family name.  I miss those horn tootin' nerds, wish I could go back in time for just a little while.  Sigh.

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  1. I think we played Marriage of Figaro and of course Stars and Stripe in that concert. We also played a Lord of the Rings song that was awesome!