Saturday began with a trip to the blood lab.  Routine blood work that I wasn't able to have done the day I went for my annual probing and squishing. Doc said it had to do with the time of day, for some reason the tests have to be done on blood drawn in the morning rather than the afternoon. I don't know if she was just blowing smoke but off I went to have blood drawn at nine in the morn.

On the trip home I saw something rather, um, humorous, odd, unusual, kinda weird.  I was behind a motorcycle at a stoplight waiting for it to change to green.  There were two riders on the bike, both about my age, perhaps a bit older, maybe in their sixties.  When the light changed they were moving a bit too slow for my needs so I pulled around them and passed.  As I did, I glanced over to my right to see, I don't know what I was expecting to see, I just happened to glance over. In my glance I noticed that the woman on the back of the bike was holding on to a strap that was draped over the man's shoulder. I thought that was a new way to hold on without having to wrap your arms around the driver's waist. As I continued to pass, I noticed that the strap actually led to a pouch that was on the man's chest. In the pouch was a small dog. I laughed. Out loud. For a long time.  

Saturday was also the Easter egg hunt at Miss D's and Mr. JW's farm.  This is another gathering of Husband's family.  They have a bunch of gatherings throughout the year, or so it seems. This family tradition has been going on since Mother-in-law was a wee lass.

As with all family gatherings, there was tons of food and a lot of people, though not as many people as last year's gathering but still a lot of people.  

Oh, and there were tons of eggs to hunt.  Twelve hundred to be exact.  Yes, you read that correctly twelve hundred, maybe a bit less but not by much.  Why so many?  Lots of kiddos.

A little something unexpected was found along with the eggs.

The weather has warmed enough that the copperheads have come out of their holes. This one, just a baby, was almost stepped on by one of the moms helping her little ones hunt eggs, yikes!  One of the young menfolk came to the rescue and killed it.  Don't judge, these are venomous creatures.  Kill or be killed.  Humans-1, Snake-0.

In the immortal words of Indiana Jones, I hate snakes.

There's also a big wig in the family now. Big wig in state politics, not Texas but in a state north of us. This was my first time to see him since he became a big wig.

Cousin Big Wig hasn't changed since becoming one, he still has the same warped sense of humor, still likes to harass everyone.  Fame hasn't gone to his head, I attribute that to his lovely wife.

Lest we forget why we observe Easter, I share this with you. With all my heart, this is what I believe.


  1. ummm you also forgot to mention that Saturday was your 29th wedding anniversary!

    happy anniversary beronica....vart....hahahaha....vart.

  2. looks like you guys had a wonderful time together and man...that is A LOT of easter eggs!! :-)