The past couple of nights the moon has been at about three fourths full, casting shadows, giving everything a blue hue.  As Dog and I walked up the road I was thinking of the difference between walking when there is no moon and everything is pitch black and when the nights are like the last two.

Sometimes it's not good when I start analyzing.  My mind will conjure up scenarios that can scare the bajeebers out of me.

Tuesday night my mind conjured up the idea that walking in the moonlight is scarier than walking in pitch black.  It's hard enough to see in the dark, obvious statement, I know, but when there are shadows the intermittent patches of dark could be hiding things, things I wouldn't see until it was too late. Animal type things.  Animal type things that could spray me with their malodorous scent, or pounce on me with their cougar stealthiness, or trample me with their boar-iness.  Not that these things couldn't happen in total darkness too, it just seems spookier when there are shadows.
Yes, I was good and scared by the end of Tuesday's walk.  

Last night, Husband walked with me and Dog, I mentioned to him my observation of the difference there is in walking when there is a moon and when there is no moon.  I didn't, however, mention my scary scenarios.  He made the obervation that it would be rather intesting if you were to see the shadows move.  That set my hair on end all ove again.

I think I'm going to search for a mega-watt flood light this weekend.  Know of a place that might sell them?


  1. It may be better without a flashlight. The other evening, husband sent a beam of light into the woods which returned two spooky shining eyes. Maybe a deer, maybe a raccoon, or maybe (according to animal kid) Hogzilla.

  2. Get yourself a pith helmet. What's that you say...not very attractive? True, but your hands would be free. Or you could go to REI and get one of these: They come in lots of styles/colors, too. Not that the creatures-that-go-bump-in-the-night are going to call Stacey London and turn you in, but you never know. ;-)