My Little Corner of Texas...

...was culturally edified last night.  We were graced with a performance by the BYU-Idaho Dance Alliance. 

They.  Were.  Fabulous. 

I took a kajillion pictures.  Are you thinking I'm going to show you all kajillion of them?  

Nah, I wouldn't do that to you...but I will share a few.

They were an energetic bunch.  They danced non-stop for almost two hours.  I was exahusted just watching them.  I'd like to know if they bottle their energy, if they do I'll take a year's supply, thank you. 

This group of wonderful young people is on the last leg of a two week tour of Texas.  They began in Odessa, traveled south to Houston, with stops in Abiline, San Angelo, Temple, Austin, and Round Rock, back up to Denton, then east to My Little Corner of Texas.  Ours is the smallest town of the tour, our five thousand to Houston's five million...hmmm, I'd rather play in a small town.  I'm so glad they came.

In my heart of hearts I've always wanted to be a dancer.  When I was ten, I ran down the hall and broke my foot; I was pretending to be a ballerina, trying to leap through the air like they so gracefully do only to land on the wrong side of my foot.  Ah, but it was so worth it because in my mind I was as graceful as they were.  

Oh, my favorite movies?  Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.  They are the quintessential dancing couple.  The storyline of the movies might not be the best but I don't care, I focus on the foot work. And Ginger's flowing dresses.  And her ability to do what Fred does.  In heels.  Moving backward.

As a treat, we were fortunate enough to house one of the two married couples in the dance company.  Mr. T. and Miss B. were so charming and willing to answer my endless questions, even though they'd just danced for almost two solid hours.  They've only been married nine months.  I guess this could count as a honeymoon, no? 

Can you pick out these two cuties in the dance pictures?

I'm ready for all of them to come back.  I hope they do.  I hope it's next year.  I hope they have a DVD, I'm ready to put in my order.

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