Missing Letters

Have you noticed that the English language is losing a suffix. Forgetting to put certain letters of an ending can cause problems in understanding what someone is tryng to tell you.

Let me do some splain'n.

A couple of weeks ago a colleague went to a student council convention.  While in Big D, she and the other student council sponsor and the student council members took in a Texas Rangers game. Colleague's daughter works for the Rangers in a pretty nice job, if you ask me.  

Winning the American League pennant last year meant that each player got a look-at-how-ginormous-my-ring-is ring. Not only did each player get one but every full time employee did too.  

Ok, V, what does this have to do with missing letters.  I'm fixin' to tell you.

After their return from Big D, Colleague came to my room to show me pictures of the ring.  It was impressive.  Quite expensive too.  We then got to talking about how we both love costume jewelry and how expensive it can be, well I said it can be expensive.  Colleague said to me, 'oh, you have to go Charm and Charlie'.  

'Where?' said I.  

She repeated 'Charm and Charlie.'

Well, you don't have to tell me twice, hmm, I guess she did, I wrote the name down and repeated it to her to make sure I had the right name.  

I asked her where in Big D Charm and Charlie was located, since, well, you know, Big D is big.  She told me to Google it since there were several locations in Big D.

A couple of days later, I typed in Charm and Charlie in the Google search bar, I waited the nano second that it takes for Google to do its Google thing, held my breath for that nano second and got...Charming Charlie.

Charming Charlie.  

It was the right place.  When I clicked on the link it took me to a fabulous costume jewelry place with locations all over the Metroplex.  

What I was hearing as Charm and Charlie was actually Charmin' Charlie, which is actually Charming Charlie.   I had a good chuckle at my ineptitude.  But then again, maybe  I need my hearin' checked. 

Husband and I are headin' to Big D this weekend.  If time permits, I'll have to amble over to Charm and Charlie.


  1. Mom is in town and I will be sharing this cute store with her! Love it!