Follow the Leader or Monkey See, Monkey Do, Take Your Pick

Strange happenings are occurring at HHS.

And I don't like it.

Makes me feel as if we've been invaded by aliens.

Aliens that walk upright and are trying to imitate the adolescent male.

It all started with this guy.  He's a pitcher on the baseball team.

head alien

He said it was to build team unity.


There are several boys that are not on the baseball team who have followed his lead. The fella in front of him being one of them, he's on the golf team.

Head alien got el Jefe's son to take part, he is on the baseball team.


Head Alien even got the German foreign exchange student to take part.  Oh, dear.

I asked German Foreign Exchange student if his parents knew of his little escapade.  He said they did.  Their reaction?  Not happy campers.

Great. There go the bonds of American and German diplomacy. 

All told I'd say there are over twenty boys that are sporting the alien look.  

Last time I checked, you don't need twenty guys to play baseball.


  1. hahaha! Now a certain young man's hair cut on Sunday makes sense to me!

  2. glee is taking over the world!!! they all want to be like puck!