Desserts, I Stressed

No matter how you read it, a palindrome reads the same forward or backward.  There are many that we're all familiar with.  Such as race car, radar, pup, pop, kayak, dad, and level to name a few.  There are also phrases that are palindromes, although, some of them don't make much sense to me.

Here are a few:

A Santa at Nasa.
A nut for a jar of tuna.
Lonely Tylenol.
Stunt nuts.

The last two are examples of ones that don't make sense to me.  Weird is what they are.  I found a plethora of them here.  Yes, I too, found it odd that there would be an entire web site devoted to palindromes but then, the Internet is full of oddities.

I discovered a palindrome that when you see its mirror image you get another palindrome, mom.  Its mirror image is 'wow',  I like the way the meaning changes.  Wow to me means something out of the ordinary, unique, outstanding, marvelous, wonderful, fabulous.

I think I'll let my mom know she is my 'wow' as well as my mom this Mother's Day.

By the way, if you're wondering about the title of this post, it's also a palindrome.


  1. Ummm, 1) what made think of the palindromes in the first place?; 2) so if a word is flipped vertically (e.g., mom/wow) and it makes a word it's a palindrome, too? Are you bored? can always call me ya know. :-p

  2. Ummm, 1) don't know why I was thinking of palindromes, just popped into my head; 2)in this case yes. Bored? No, just weird! Plus, I thought I'd give you something to laugh about :)