Burning Down The House

Things got a little exciting around here Friday night.

First, before I tell you about our excitement, ahem, a little public service announcement:  go check the batteries in your smoke detectors.  Now?  Yes, right now.  Go on, I'll wait.

Okay, everything good?  No?  Yes?  Didn't go check?  Well, don't forget to do it.  

Here's the Reader's Digest version of our little excitement.

I tried to melt some wax by putting the container with said wax in a pot with water on the stove.  Got distracted, can't multitask like I used to.  Water boiled out of the pot.  Wax began to boil in its container in the pot.  Smoke detector goes off.  Husband goes to see what's up.  I go to see what's up. Smoke everywhere in the kitchen. Husband takes pot off stove.  I take pot from Husband and go outside with it. After I made sure Dog wouldn't try and investigate the hot wax in the hot pot, I went back inside to survey the aftermath.  


Wax was all over the place.  On the counter next to the stove. On the microwave above the stove.  On the floor beside the stove. And, of course, on the stove. 

My first thought was, how am I going to clean up this mess?  I tried a sponge dipped in hot water, nope, didn't work.  Then I thought I could scrape it off, nope, that would scratch the finish on the microwave.  Scouring powder, to harsh on my hands and it left a residue that was hard to clean.  Just as frustration was beginning to set in, from the dark recesses of my mind came two words:  baking soda.  I figured why not, nothing else is working.

Out came the Arm and Hammer, I sprinkled it generously on the wax and up it came without much elbow grease, woo hoo!  

I'm not saying it wasn't messy, oh no, it was plenty messy.

It was, however, quite effective.  Sorry, I forgot to take a 'before' picture.

My new BFF.  

Actually, A-n-H and I go way back, I'd just forgotten how useful it can be.

Okay, V, what did we learn from this little escapade?  Hmm, I learned that I'm easily distracted, that my smoke detector works, thanks to fresh batteries, and that I'm always going to have a fresh box of Arm and Hammer on hand because there really are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of uses for it.  Oh, and that I won't leave wax in a container in a pot of boiling water unattended.  The end.


  1. Wow...though we're not much better. When you have a class cook top, it's easy to burn potholders as well as accidentally melt plastic containers. And one time someone in our house (Not me) forgot their toasting rolls in the oven broiler. Our stinky Union Square apartment smelled even worse.

    And one time, I accidentally lit a sponge on fire and threw it in the snow to put it out.

  2. Good thing there was snow on the ground :)