Where I Am

It's Spring Break for HHS, so glad too.
Wanna guess where I went?  Husband and I came to see...

Daughter is trying to be demure, Son-in-law is trying to ignore me.  

We've also been joined by...

Baby Sis, as beautiful as ever.  SNL decided to ham it up for the camera just as I snapped the shutter.  What am I to do with him??

As always, first order of business was to go out and enjoy a lovely repast with the kin.  

Our night began with this...

Trainer Man would be so pleased, well at least until he saw how we ended the evening...

Oh, I will pay dearly if he catches wind of it.  You know what, it was worth every minute of the torture Killer will inflict.  Lest you think I ate all of that, lemme clear that up right quick.  We all shared in this decadent indulgence.  Mmmm, it was good.

We're all here to help Larry get the nursery ready.  I'll share some pics later.  Baby Sis came up with a wonderful design.  We've had so much fun, as well as working ourselves to the bone.  

Husband left today, work beckoned him.  Baby Sis and I still have much to do, being the 'Helpful Hannahs' that we are.  

You do realize that this baby can't come without our help, don't you?  

Yes, I knew you'd understand.

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  1. I hope you are getting lots done. Larry and the baby are lucky to have such good elves around.