Small Claims

Back in January I committed to exercising five days a week and eating better.  All in an effort to lose weight and be healthier.  

It's time to give an accounting.  

I've fallen off the exercising wagon a couple of times.  Bummer.  Not to worry though, I hitched up the wagon again.  I'm back in the rut.  Bad analogy?  It works, right?

As far as eating...there are good days and bad days, mostly good days.

To help me out on the eating end of my master plan, I've been looking for healthier alternatives in snacking.  Here are a couple of snack foods I've grown fond of.

I found something perplexing about the bagel chips.  

I was reading the back of the bag and read that they slice the bagels vertically, they include a drawing to clarify their statement.

As I pulled out the allotted serving size, I noticed something that I thought was counter to their claim.

This is the same chip.  One side is narrower than the other.  If the chips are really sliced from a bagel, the sides should be the same diameter on both sides.  These chips look as if they were cut from a loaf of some sort.  

I'm being persnickety, I know.  

I figure if you're going to claim something it should be as you say it is.

Does this mean I'll quit eating Stacy's Bagel chips?

Nah.  I'll just quit reading the back of the bag.

1 comment:

  1. could have been from the outer edge of the bagel, hence having more crust on one side vs. the other. (sounds good in theory)

    I've found a not-too-bad-for-you-snack that is oh so good: I bought a bag at Cost Plus World Market a couple of weeks ago and the Hubs and I proceeded to plow through it in no time. I had to go back to Cost Plus on another errand a few days later and much to my dismay two more bags of this delicious treat ended up in my basket. Give it a try...highly recommended.