Say What??

Today was the English portion of the standardized tests that are given in Texas.  I'd give you lots and lots of detailed info except, I can't.  We are sworn to secrecy about anything dealing with the standardized tests.

You think I jest.  I'm not. 

We have to sign not one but two oaths when it comes to these tests.  The first states that we will not look at the test, other than to hand it out, nor will we discuss any aspect of the test.  I know what you're thinking, how can you discuss something you haven't seen?  I've wondered that myself.  The second oath states that we did not look at any portion of the test and that we will maintain the integrity of the test by not discussing any portion of the test. 

Again, I know what you're thinking, I've wondered that too. 

I've often wanted to hand out the test wearing a blindfold, it would make the temptation to look at the test with a fine tooth comb a lot easier to resist.  It's my life's ambition to see one of these tests up close and personal.  I jest.

The penalty for discussing something we've sworn we won't look at is revocation of our teaching certification, which of course means loss of our job. 

With all this in mind I share the following with you.

At the conclusion of the test, while waiting for instructions from El Jefe on where to go, lunch or class, J asked H 'Are we allowed to talk about the test?'  Obviously I was within earshot so I said, 'not in my presence'.  Then J said, 'What if you close your eyes?'  I think I know what she meant by the comment, if I can't see them then I can't hear them...maybe?

I'll attribute the comment to mental mush due to a morning of testing.

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  1.'s that week?! Poor you, Poor them. I always felt there was no point to go to school except to take the test. You do nothing in your classes. Especially electives that you share with fresh. and soph.'s, I mean you just sit there waiting on them to come to class.