Ready, Set...

I'm back home now.  Tired, sad, happy, and excited all at once.

Thanks to Baby Sis's help, we have the nursery nearly complete.  All that's missing is a comfy chair, for those late night feedings, and a mattress for the crib.

Oh, and a baby.  We'll have to wait until August for that.

Painting, cleaning, organizing, and putting IKEA furniture together is tiring.  Along with painting the nursery, Baby Sis and I helped Larry finish repainting the kitchen/living room area of their house.  I can go without holding a roller and brush for a while now.  A long, long while.

As for putting together IKEA furniture, let's just say that it will be a very, very, very long time before I set foot in IKEA again.  One of the pieces, which didn't make it in the pictures, gave me a lesson in frustration that I don't care to repeat.  When I tried to return the product I got lesson in frustration number two.  IKEA and I did not see eye to eye on their return policy. Don't let that cute little heart with open arms on the big sign saying 'you can bring it back' in the parking lot fool you.  There's a catch to it.  

That's all I'm going to say.

You know me, I had to take pictures of everything.  So here you go.

Crib NOT from IKEA, only took Baby Sis and Daughter a short while to assemble.

Shelves, dresser, bins, drapes, little stuffed animals, wire hanging thingy,  all from IKEA

I couldn't get the lighting just right to show the wall color.  Though it looks yellowish, it's actually a creamy white color, very warm and soothing.  

We chose to do everything gender neutral because at the time we didn't know what Daughter and SNL were having.  

We do now.

On Friday, before I left, Daughter had and appointment with her OB/GYN.  She and SNL invited me along.  I was honored to be asked to join them as the found out what they were going to have.  It was also a reunion of sorts for me.  Daughter's doc is the son of one of my very favorite college professors.  Dr. Melendez also became a dear family friend.  She was Husband's and my surrogate mom while we were in college.  So, we got to know her five wonderful kids quite well.

I felt quite old when I asked Dr. Terry how old his children were.  He has an eighteen year old, a twelve year old and one in the middle, I don't recall her age.  When I last saw Dr. T, he wasn't even finished with his undergraduate studies.  Oy vey, time flies.  Dr. T was as personable and funny as ever.  I feel so much better knowing that Daughter is in such capable hands.

Oh, do you want to know what my future grandbaby will be?  Ah...thought you might.  Go here and read what Larry has to say about what they are having.


  1. The nursery is beautiful. I'm glad you had such a great visit and were able to be so productive, but I will admit that I'm over-the-moon excited that you will be at church tomorrow. I'm a mess when you're gone!

    P.S. I'm not a fan of IKEA.

  2. Precious nursery!!! Great job! You and Bart will have so much fun with your new grand... (I won't say it. I'll let everyone go to their blog to find out.) :-)

  3. The nursery is beautiful. Y'all did such a great job. I'm so excited for the little buddy to check it out himself.