Name Game

I was perusing through Texas Monthly, the terquasquicentennial issue (say whaat?), and came across an ad for Austin City Limits the TV show.  I saw the font they'd used in the ad, shouted to Husband 'That's the font I need for my blog's title!', got excited, then saw, down toward the bottom of the last 's', a very small R with a circle around it or it might have been a very small TM, I wasn't wearing my reading glasses and, well, if you wear reading glasses you understand how hard it is to see the little details without them.

My moment of excitement, triumph, jubilation all dashed in a nanosecond. Curses.

I'm not sure if the TM or R are for the font, the title or both.  This got me to thinking, maybe I do need to change the name of the blog, trademark infringement could mean serious time in the slammer, you know.  So...

...I've been pondering on what to change it to.  I came up with one while talking with Husband and Daughter yesterday.  Again, I was so excited with my moment of inspiration.  'Oh, wow', I said, 'I just thought of a new name for my blog!'  I threw it out there for all present to hear, Daughter liked it, Husband not so much.   He said it didn't match my personality. Curses.

What did my moment of inspiration produce?  Mid-Century Modern.

I think it fits who I am at this point in my life.

I am, as my nephew so quickly and lovingly put it when I turned the big 5-0, half a century old and then some.  I'm current on modern lingo, my students make sure of that.  I know all about Facebooking, Twittering, blogging, etc.  I know what iPod, iPad, iPhone and Droid's are, and I'm not afraid to use them.  I am, you know, modern.

Daughter did point out that I'd have to make sure I had a subtitle that clarified I was not a furniture dealer.  Though I do like midcentury modern furniture.

Mid-Century Modern.

I do like the sound of it.

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  1. I like Austin City Limits though. But if you must change'll find something clever :)