Lazy? Busy? Both?


It's been a week since I posted anything of substance, if you can call my rambling words substance.


Two words:  Lazy.  Busy.

My brain composed several posts but I was too lazy to get on the computer and do something about it.  I think my new found skill of being late has morphed itself into laziness.

I've also been busy.  But I don't know with what.  As I look back on the week I can't remember why I met myself coming and going.  Both ends of my candle have met in the middle, I'm exhausted.

Do you ever do that, get so busy that you can't remember why you were so busy?  I feel old when I do.  But... students keep me feeling young, or at least make me think that I look younger than the mid-century (plus three) that I am.  One of them said I looked like I was in my thirties. 

They are so naive...or just trying to get on my good side. 

As long as they keep thinking I'm twenty years younger than I am, I'm okay with it.

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