Happy Independence Day, Y'all

Happy Independence Day?? 

Um, V., have you lost your mind?  The Fourth of July is four months away.

Yes, I know that I've lost my mind.  Oh, and that the Fourth of July is four months away.

So that you won't think I'm totally bonkers, lemme 'splain.

If you're not from around these parts, you wouldn't be aware of the fact that today, March 2, is Texas' independence day.  This little tidbit of info is lost on most, I know, I didn't know about Texas having an independence day until I'd live here a long time.  But then, I might have slept through that part of U.S. history when this little tidbit was being taught.

Mmm, no, I didn't sleep through the little tidbit, we weren't allowed to sleep in class back it the dark ages.  I must have been absent that day, yeah, yeah that's it, I was absent that day.

I won't embarrass myself or Husband by trying to give you a rundown on how Texas got its independence, I'll just say that Texas' history is as rich and vast as the state itself.

I used to think that Texans were obnoxious in the pride they took in being from Texas...I am now that obnoxious person (never thought I'd say that, yikes!).  Rather than be obnoxious, I'm going to follow the motto of the state and extend some lovin' friendship to y'all.

To honor my adopted state, I'm going to have a GIVEAWAY!!  Woo Hoo!! 

Haven't had one of these a while.

So, what's the giveaway this time?  Three products all made here in the great state of Texas.

Item numero uno:  four votives by Tyler Candle Company. Tyler is a stone's throw from where I live.


Item numero dos:  some awesome picante sauce.  Love this company's products.


Item numero tres: a garlic keeper made by a potter from my little speck of a town.


To enter the giveaway, leave a comment telling me what you love about your state. 

This time around we'll do one entry per person.

Giveaway closes on Friday, March 4 at 6:00 p.m. CST. 

Looking forward to your comments!


  1. Kansas!
    I love this chocolate shop in downtown Topeka.
    I love fierce rockchalk jayhawk loyalty.
    I love bulbs, planted everywhere in everybody's yard.
    I love 4 definable seasons.
    I love trees that change colors.
    I love the constant breeze keeping you cool in the summer.
    I love snow.
    I love the govenor because he gave my husband a job.
    I love that we are getting a temple 1 hour away.
    I love that we live near church history sites.
    and major league teams.
    I love that we are close enough to family to visit, but not all the time. =)
    seriously, I'm really glad we ended up here.

  2. I love texmex's just not the same anywhere else.
    I love my house..go house hunting in Colorado and see the'll love your house too.

  3. I love Wyoming because there's such a variety of things to do. In the winter you can do snow sports like ice skating and sledding. In the summer you can camp and hike. It's a great place to be!

  4. I love my job, my hair stylist, and Magleby's.

  5. I love road trippin' all over our state. I like each region's views - from Ft. Davis' stars to Caddo Lake's bald cypress trees. And the food - green chiles in the panhandle, Cajun in the east, seafood along the gulf, and (duh) TexMex!

  6. i love the texas pride that every texan has, the pine trees, the accents, the attitude, the big cities and small towns, the history, the people, and the food!!!

  7. I love Texas because the people are so much nicer than anywhere I have been! The food is awesome and most of my family is here!!

  8. I love, love, love my strange, hippy-dippy, tree-huggin', foody-nirvana, organic-obsessed, food cart crazy, green little corner of the world! KEEP PORTLAND WEIRD

  9. i love... the winter. All three days of it!

  10. Although I live in Oregon now, I'm still desperately in love with my home state of Kansas. There is no more beautiful site than the Flint Hills that gently roll until they finally touch the sky.

  11. I love that in 10 days, Colorado will be getting blue bell ice cream in all major grocery stores!!

  12. I love all of the beautiful white snow we get in Minnesota. Even though it's cold, the sparkling fresh snow helps keep everything looking fresh and brilliant!


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  13. I love the fullness of four seasons. Minnesota, is a beautiful state and one that is, though cold right now, but beautiful in the midst of every season. The beautiful white snow, the smell of blooms, the lakes in summer, and the brilliant colors that come in autumn. It's a wonderful place to live.


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