Giveaway Winner + A Clarification

The winner of the Made in Texas giveaway is...Christine!  Congrats!  

Shoot me an e-mail at  so I'll know where to send the goods.  Looking forward to hearing from you.

Earlier today I was checking out Daughter's blog.  I'm like that, I keep up with Daughter through her blog.  Plus phone calls.  Plus e-mail.  Plus visits to her little part of the world.  Plus Skype.  Plus...

Do ya think I'm a bit over the top on keeping up with my one and only child?! 

I'll stop when she asks me to.  Yeah, I know she's not going to ask me to stop, if anything she and Son-in-law have jokingly asked me to move in now that they are going to be parents. 

At least I think it was said in jest. 

Wait.  What if  they're serious?  Oooo.  Ummm.  Well...yeah, I, uh. Hmmm.  Yeah, I'll do it.  I'm sure they'd tire of me after say, five days? 

Any who.  As I was checking out Daughter's blog, I read the comments on her latest post and read this:

We made it to March. I am dying through this winter too, and dreaming of my future winters in Austin. You need to move somewhere warm! PS I've been reading your mom's blog. Just to get any snippets of life in Austin. And she's so fun, love her blog.

I'm flattered that Daughter's friend likes reading my rambling thoughts.  I need to clarify something though, I don't live in Austin.  Insert blushing cheeks and head hanging in shame here.

The title of the blog was my attempt at being clever with our last name.  Did I miss the mark?  I can see where confusion would arise since there is a PBS show titled Austin City Limits that takes place in Austin.  Perhaps I need a new blog title?  I shall ponder on this.

Though I've lived in this great state for twenty seven years, my knowledge of our state capital is limited to driving through it on the way to San Antonio three times and attending two education conventions there.  BUT,  I did stay at a Holiday Inn when I went to the conventions, so I'm an expert, right?

From Daughter's friend's comment I deduce that she will soon be moving to our wonderfully eclectic state capital.  This is good to know, I will now have some place to stay when I go explore the nether regions of the city.  Just kidding, I'll stay at my favorite Holiday Inn.  

I do want Daughter's friend to know that when she tires of city life and wants a quiet respite, she is more than welcome to come visit me in my Little Corner of East Texas.  Husband, Dog and our seventy head of cattle will be happy to have them. 

We'll leave the light on. 

Oh wait, that's Motel Six. 


  1. Yes! It is me!
    I sent an email... i hope it went through!

  2. Please don't change the name of your blog! I think it is a clever use of your name/location and very descriptive of your intent. Besides, I love it! I also like Tom Bodet.