Free Ride

A few months back I asked El Jefe if I could use some school money to purchase a new chair for my desk.  The one I'd been using I bought four years ago when I came to HHS.  The hydraulics had lost their cushiness, plus I've aged and need more lumbar support too.  El Jefe agreed.  I was a happy camper.

A month ago, my chair came.  The office manager had one of the office aides put it together for me, so kind of her to do this.  Mid-way through the day it was delivered, the aide came to my room and rolling in my comfy, black, never-been-sat-in-by-anyone-chair.  I was in heaven.  I couldn't wait for the period to end so I could go to my desk and try it out.

It was everything I'd hoped for.  Comfortable? Check.  Easy to roll?  Check.  Hydraulics in working order?  Check.  When I got up the chair would rise just a tad, ready at just the right height for the next time I sat in it.  If I wasn't sitting in the chair, it was always at the perfect height, waiting for me.

I had reached chair Nirvana.

Friday, everything changed.

As I was grading some papers I noticed that I was slowly sinking closer to the desk.  'Aaaah, no!  This can't be!', I thought.  We'd only just begun what I'd hoped would be a lengthy relationship.  How could this new, comfy, black, never-been-sat-in-by-anyone chair turn on me this way?! 

I thought it a momentary lapse of judgment on the chair's part; I refused to accept the obvious.

It was true, though; after a months use, my chair had lost its hydraulics. 

I've worked on trying to get it to stay in the position I'm most comfortable but it won't cooperate. 

All week has been just like Friday.  Whenever I'm in the chair for more than the two seconds it takes to submit the roll, I can feel myself slowly sinking into the west.  Getting up from the chair after it's set into the west is like doing one of Trainer Man's squats.  Grrr.

I've just noticed that the chair leans to the left...perhaps therein lie the problem.  Hmmmm.....

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