Weather Report.

In my Little Corner of East Texas it was 15 degrees when I drove to work today.

I just got a text from Daughter that said it's 9 degrees at 10:00 a.m. in her neck of the woods.

What's the weather doing in your little corner of the world? 

Are you as cold as we are or are you basking in  the warmth of the sun?

I'd really like to know so I can commiserate with you, feel sorry for you if you're colder than I am, or feel extremely envious if you're anywhere warmer than 40 degrees.


  1. We're COLD! It was -20 this morning when we got out of bed with a windchill making it -40. We canceled preschool so the kidlets wouldn't have to go out in the bitterness.

  2. The sun is shining here in AR, but I think the high is 18 degrees today. It's a cold one!

  3. Wow, I feel like we're in Hawaii when I hear about everyone else's weather. Yesterday the high was in the upper 30s and last week we hit 4o. The wind chills the last couple of days were in the teens and twenties though. And who says Ohio is frigid? We're a sauna compared to most of the country right now.

  4. In Dallas it has only gotten to about 17 each day, with the windchill anywhere from 0 to -10. Black ice everywhere has kept the kids out of school and most business' have been shut. Just got a message that school is cancelled again tomorrow making this 4 days in a row. This NEVER happens here! BURRRRR!