Road Trip

Dog and I took a short trip yesterday.

She likes road trips.

Where were we going you ask?

Well, no place fun.  

Not for her at least.

My BFF hasn't been feeling well for a while now.  Husband took her to
see Doc Spencer a couple of weeks ago but the treatment he prescribed then didn't cure the problem.  So back we went to see ol' Doc.

Doc Spencer has treated all of our four legged friends for a long time. Cows, horses, Cat and BFF.  Taking care of Cat was always an adventure.  She was what Dog isn't.  Mean.

Cat didn't like men in suits, she would often attack the missionaries that came to dinner.  She'd also keep six-foot-two-inch, 250 pound men at bay. She'd attack the vacuum, the dogs and your feet if you didn't keep them hidden. Doc and the techs would wince, run, hide, and call out the calvary when she came in for her yearly shots. Eight years ago Doc discovered a tumor on her kidney, it was time for us to say goodbye to our meaner than a snake cat.  I miss her, she and I had much in common.

Back to Dog and what Doc found.  Doc says she has Inflamed Bowel Disease.  I Googled said diagnosis and found that there is no cure, it can only be controlled through diet and medication.  

So, we're off on a new adventure with Dog, for which I am glad.  I'm not ready to say goodbye to BFF.


  1. I can't sleep either. I've been worried about her all night too. And I miss Cat. Even if she bit every boyfriend I ever had.

  2. I hope BFF feels better. It's sad to think about losing our beloved four legged friends.

  3. Hey Sis, I saw this earlier today and am sooo glad that Miss A doesn't have anything more serious going on. Let me know how she's doing...I worry about her. :-)