Dog, my BFF, is getting odder and odder by the day.  

Remember her kleptomania?

Then how she used her ninja skills and put Bill Murry to shame.

What's her latest escapade?  Lemme tell you.

Yesterday, during our afternoon walk, I decided to give her a break from the usual route and wander around our twenty acre hay pasture.  The cows were doing their thing some place else, the hay hasn't begun to grow so I figured she'd enjoy the open space.  After wandering around for a bit she picked on a scent.  Tail went up, well what she has of a tail, nose was down and she was frantically tracking down whatever it was she smelled.  I figured it was another gopher, they are rather prolific.  I looked away for a split second from what she was doing, when I looked back she had something in her mouth.  

I yelled, Put it down.  

She gave me the what? ya talkin' to me look, dropped the vile vermin and stepped away.

I went to inspect, expecting to see another gopher.  

No, that's not what it was.  It was a rat.  The size of a gopher.  Gross.

While I was inspecting, she was circling, drooling, waiting for me to walk away so she could retrieve her kill.  I managed to drag her away from Ratatouille and headed back home.

When Husband got home from work I told him about Dog's use of ninja skills again and thought no more on the subject, except Dog didn't forget.  No, she kept thinking, plotting, planning on how she was going to bring home the booty.

During the evening constitutional Dog headed out into the hay pasture, not at all unusual.  Husband and I headed to the house while she wandered.  I whistled and called a few times after I got to the house so she'd hurry up and come in.  Oh, she came alright.  She and that filthy rat. 

Dog had gone back out and retrieved her kill.  I don't know what she thought she was going to accomplish by bringing it home, sleep with it, eat it, play with it.  I called out to Husband and he came out and scooped the rat up and threw it out into the woods. 

I actually felt sorry for the rat.  There it was minding its business as it scurried across the pasture thinking it was safe in those twenty acres but no, Dog had other ideas.

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