I spent my evening in the company of some lovely ladies
last night. We enjoyed ourselves
immensely, even though I'm old enough to be
their granny...a very young one I might add.

These are the young women over whom I've been granted stewardship for a brief time.  
I really like them.  Aren't they lovely?

We dined at Olive Garden, in honor of Miss H. 
Miss H.'s b-day is on Friday, so we got a jump on 
the celebration.
Miss H. will also be leaving us, she'll be moving up to
the next age group.  
I will miss her positive, happy, personality.

As always, when I spend time with these lovely ladies, I was educated on the word du jour.  
The word du jour is face.
It's not being used as a noun.  Nor is it from the
expression "in your face".  I'm not really clear on how it's being used.  But it is not a noun, as it's intended to be.
Face, is not in the current vernacular at HHS.

This morning I will face the music that is Trainer Man.
I will have to give an accounting of what I ate.  I
did quite well, grilled chicken, steamed broccoli, steamed 
asparagus, salad. 
Oh, and bread sticks.  
Darn those yummy-melt-in-my-mouth-the-only-reason-I-go-to-Olive Garden bread sticks. 


  1. Lucky, Lucky girls. BUT, your loss is my gain. I'm so looking forward to having Miss H. in my class next week.

    I love just about everything about Olive Garden, especially the breadsticks. They're super yummy when you soak up the leftover dressing in your salad bowl with 'em. M'mm, you're making me hungry.