Gettin' Ready

Did I tell you that I'm going to be a grandma?  A yaya?  An abuelita?  An oma?  

Yes, yes I did. 

I'm looking forward to the experinece.  I've been told by some very reliable sources, other grannies, that being a grandparent is truly grand.

Baby Sis and I are making preparations for the arrival of grand-baby.  Preparations like picking paint colors for the nursery, choosing the right furniture, though not the crib...that's for mom and dad to do...deciding what to put on the walls and generally being busy bodies. 

Now, before you judge, Daughter has asked for our input.  She knows we have exquisite taste, well Baby Sis does, I'm mostly along for the ride.

I couldn't resist buying this (click on the pic then on the compass to make it bigger) on Zulily.  It's my first I'm-going-to-be-a-gandmother-so-I-have-to-spoil-my-grand-baby-purchase.  I also bought the Spanish version of the chart, afterall I do teach Spanish! 

Oh, and I also bought these in Spanish and English.  I did so with Daughter's approval.

Am I hoping that grand-baby will be bilingual?  Hmm, no.  Well, maybe.  Although, if he or she is anything like mother, doing so will be next to impossible.

As a child development major, I'd learned that the best time to introduce a foreign language to a child was after they had acquired their first language.  Daughter was speaking in complete sentences by the time she was eighteen months and would carry full blown conversations with adults by the time she was three.  The time was ripe, or so I thought.

Another thing I learned about second language acquisition was to speak in the second language at the same time each day so that a pattern was established.  I decided that bath time would be our learn-to-speak-Spanish time.  Husband was on board with this, he also being bilingual in Spanish.  The stage was set.

Our first and only learn-to-speak-Spanish-while-you-take-a-bath went something like this.

I spoke in Spanish.  Daughter looked at me but didn't respond.  I spoke some more.  Daughter kept looking at me.  I spoke a little bit more.  Then Daughter said, in her most authoritative three year old voice, 'Mom, I do not want to learn to speak in that language.'  Period.  End of lesson.

Daughter was very stubborn when it came to certain things, I'm sure Son-in-law will say she still is.  No matter how I tired to introduce Spanish to the little punk she would have nothing to do with it.  It made me a little sad because I knew she would miss out on some wonderful conversations with my parents.  Though they can both speak English, they prefer to speak in Spanish when they are around us kids.

In the end however, mom, that would be me, was right.  During her high school and college years Daughter would lament that she didn't learn Spanish as a wee lass.  She'd often ask why I didn't make her learn it, to which I would smugly reply, 'I did, you were just to stubborn to learn.'


  1. Being a Grammy ia awesome! I have been playing with two of mine in Co and loving fact
    hubby just called to inform me we are staying another week! The picture you got is soo cute!

  2. I tried to read a baby book to Ada the other day that had both English and Spanish words for the same thing. Every time I would say the Spanish version, Ada would say, "No, Mommy, that's ____ (the englich version." She was not going to let me get away with any tricks :)

  3. I love the picture. It's adorable. When we finally build our "dream house" that we've been planning for years I will hire you and your sister to decorate it for me.

  4. I don't know about the "wait until they're 3" theory. You'll have to refresh my memory, but I don't recall that Mom & Dad kept you, Oldest Sis and Big Brother from talking to me in English while they talked to me in Spanish. I think I got hit with it all at the same time as a wee one. I say let's talk to Larry's wee-one-to-be in both languages right from the start. I might even throw in a little French.

  5. sounds like me now arguing with my mom on why she didn't make me practice the piano or sew....all things that i know very well she tried to teach me..but i was too bored with it....wish i would've!!

  6. I still maintain that y'all could have forced me to learn Spanish. Remember, y'all made me go to girls camp, which you told me would "build character."

  7. And look what great character you have...or are...or something.