Do you ever get tired of taking the same route to and from wherever you're going? 

I do.  I'm always on the lookout for new ways to get from point A to point B. 

The quickest way from A to B may be a straight line but it's not always the most scenic nor the most interesting. 

I suppose my wanderlust, if that's what you'd call it, stems from when I was a child and our only source of family entertainment was to take a road trip.  We'd pile into the station wagon on the rare Saturday or Sunday that dad had off and head out for parts unknown.  Our little jaunts were never too far from home, money was always tight so luxurious vacations were out of the question, they were, however, fun, interesting, and provided time with the family.  I loved those road trips. 

Maybe this is why I have an intrinsic GPS.  No need for those new fangled contraptions that sometimes lead you astray when you have a Jimenez on board, well unless it's Older Sis...then them thar new GPS things might come in handy.  Oh, now don't hate Older Sis, I have two words to jog your memory. York. Maine. 

I went on a road trip of sorts this morning, I took the circuitous route rather than the straight A to B route to work.  I came to a realization as I drove, country living affords its residents to be aspiring Donald Trumps.  I spied a home with a sign calling attention to homemade bread for sale.  A bit farther down the road there was a home selling fresh eggs.  And, yet a bit farther, a couple of homes selling produce. 

If I plan my route and time accordingly, I can get my grocery shopping done without having to set foot in a grocery store. Wow, if I can find a home that sells USDA certified poulty, I'm set.


  1. Wonderful post. It brought back many wonderful memories. My parents and I used to drive around for fun, with Dad letting me choose which direction to turn whenever we reached an intersection. I never could understand how he always seemed to bring us home again, no matter how "turned about" we became!
    Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  2. There are some things that a person can never live down. I kept going back and forth on that strip of road just to amuse you, and see, you haven't forgotten it! -Older Sis

  3. I forgot to add that it was not York Maine. It was North Conway NH. Please get your facts straight.

  4. Oops, my bad! I forgot about North Conway :). Baby Sis will verify driving around in circles looking for the lighthouse in York, Maine. Love ya Older Sis :)

  5. I can verify looking for that lighthouse. I thought we were going to never find our way back to NH.