Who hasn't watched Caddyshack and found this little fellow cute and adorable.

For years, Dog has been on a gopher hunt.  She's dug many a hole to China trying to find those elusive critters.  Unlike Bill Murray, she never resorted to dynamite.

Today, she hit the jackpot.

Husband and Dog were walking down the road when she saw a gopher pop its head out of a hole.  The second pop of the head was one time too many.  Husband said Dog grabbed the gopher, shook it a few times and that, was that.

Not bad for an old dog.

There will be no dancing for this gopher.  

Bless its heart.  In nature, it's definitely survival of the fittest.


  1. Please tell me you disinfected her after she did this?

  2. I definitely need to borrow your dog for our yard.

  3. When I was a little kid we got an adult golden retriever as a pet, and her first night with us she dropped a dead gopher on our back step as an offering.