At Last

For years, twenty six to be exact, I've been hoping for a bakery to open in my spot-on-the-map of a town.

What this town needs is a bakery!  That's what I'd say.

If this town had I bakery I'd go there every day.  Yep, I'd also say that.

Well, I no longer have to wish, dream, hope, long for, anticipate, desire, nor pine for a bakery.

My Little Corner of East Texas has a bakery!


What does Al's Tasty Treats Bakery and Cafe serve?

Good stuff.  

Stuff like this:


And this:


Oh, and then there's this:


Al's also serves some bang up breakfast burritos.

What's that you ask, what's in the burritos?  Mmm, yumminess.  

Yumminess like, eggs and potato, eggs and chorizo, and there's one more I can't recall.  Each burrito is made using homemade flour tortillas and is served with an outstanding hot sauce, which I'm sure Al makes himself. 

I'd go every day, like I'd said I would, except, well, you see, there's this guy whom I affectionately, fearfully, call Killer who wants an accounting of what I eat.  I can't lie to the man so it'd be best if I met up with Al only occasionally, that way I only have to do a bajillion squats instead of kajillion.  Yes, a bajillion is less than a kajillion.

You must go visit Al and his lovely wife.  He is the baker man and she is the hostess with the mostess.  You won't be disappointed, I promise.


  1. They also have chocolate mexicano...good stuff.

  2. So excited - I've often thought the same thing!

  3. baked goods are my weakness...

    I almost wish I hadn't read your blog this morning! lol Now I have to go visit!