You're So Vain

Age, in my way of thinking, is just a number.  

If I really feel this way, why do I have the following arsenal of creams and spend ten minutes each night applying them?
Oh, and please don't ask how much I've spent on all these, 
I think I could feed a family of four.  For a week.

I can't remember a time when I didn't use a daytime moisturizer.
Lately though, I find myself looking for lotions and
potions that will minimize those pesky lines that
seem to creep up around the eyes.

I've also been on the lookout for a product that will erase those
ugly age spots that are caused from too much sun in our youth.
I found such a product on a recent trip to look for a coat.
How did I go from looking for a coat to buying facial spot remover you ask?
I have no idea.

So here's the product that the lovely Clinique girl said would work wonders.

She said to use it in tandem with my SPF moisturizer.  
In four weeks I'm suppose to see miracles happen.

I'm going to take a before and after picture of my 
here's-what-you-get-for-not-wearing-sunscreen-in-your-youth spots.
Although, in my defense, when I was a young lass, sunscreen didn't
exist.  If anything, Coppertone encouraged using their product for
 a deep, golden, long lasting tan.
Now, I'm paying for it.

A parting word to those of you still in your youth, and even if you're not.

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