Weekend Finds

I came across an estate sale Saturday while on my way to do some grocery shopping.  Husband says that 'estate sale' is a fancy way of saying 'garage sale'.

I don't think so.

Estate sales are indoors and well organized.  With garage sales it's a gamble on what you're getting.

I've been to various estate sales, always on the hunt for something unique and cool only to walk away empty handed.

This time I found something.

Three somethings.

First there was this measuring cup that I found irresistible.

It spoke to me.  It told me that the little old lady, yes in my mind it was a little old lady who used it, would use this cup to prepare a dish that was something she loved to make and made often.  Do you see how she'd clearly marked the 2/3 cup mark?  What did she measure 2/3 of repeatedly?  Milk?  Water?  Oil?  Vinegar?  I'm intrigued.

I have a thing for glass measuring cups.  Especially the old ones that don't have the company logo emblazoned all over them.  With the addition of this little one cup measure, I now have a two cup measure, which was Husband's maternal grandmother's so it has some special meaning to me and a four cup measure, I think I got it as a wedding gift oh so many years ago.

Don't you just love this little stool?

I can see my future grandchild using it to reach the bathroom sink.  I need to paint it.  Something fun and whimsical.  I'll have to talk to Art Teacher and get her input, she's great at seeing what something can be much better than I.

My big find was the mirror.  

Yes, my outside dog has become a semi-inside dog.  

Thanks to guilt trips by Daughter and Baby Sis.  

And the fact that Dog is getting old.  Did I tell you that already?

And the fact that last week we had three inches of snow on the ground.  And it was freezing.  But I digress.

Back to the mirror.

I'd been on the hunt for one for quite some time.  At least two years.  This is perfect.  It's going in my bedroom, Mt. Everest needs something on the walls so he doesn't look so imposing.

Now I just need to consult with Decorator Dan and Baby Sis on whether to leave Mirror Mirror gold or paint it.  Decorator Dan and Baby Sis have exquisite taste and have helped me turn my dance hall of a bedroom in to a cozier space.  

If I were independently wealthy, I'd fly DD and Baby Sis down here so they could be my resident decorators.  Since that's not going to happen anytime soon, my becoming independently wealthy, I'll have to settle for SKYPE and e-mailed photos.  Sigh.


  1. Awesome finds! I love estate sales!

  2. Go Veronica! Awesome finds! Don't you love it when something speaks to you. The expensive stuff always speaks to me and I have to just ignore it and keep going.

  3. My dog!!!! I love her.

    Oh, yes, awesome finds as well. :)

  4. I adore that little stool. My suggestion: paint it & use your Cricut to cut out a vinyl decal that says "Time Out." It would be oh so cute. Although, you may not be the type of Grandma who likes to take on disciplining of grandchildren. Maybe I'll just steal that idea and find a cute time out stool for my house.

  5. LOVE the mirror! Awesome fun. I love Estate sales and Yard Sales, but don't often get to go to them.

  6. Isn't it fun to do go hunting like that? You never know what you're going to find. I'm trying to do daughter's bedroom in all thrift, hand me down and goodwill finds. It'll be a challenge, but a fun one.

  7. I say leave the mirror gold. It will help give your room a collected feel and further enhance the coziness. I don't think I'd paint the stool either. Love it!

  8. Thank you Dan! I'll leave the mirror in tact, just clean the dust off. However, I had a brilliant idea for the stool...Art Teacher is going to show me how to paint it to look like a leopard. I think a grandchild will get a kick out of it.

  9. Leopard shoes...great

    Leopard stool...????

    I'm with Dan on this one.

  10. No, go leopard!!! Or leave it how it is if you don't want it to get stolen. You know I will snatch it up if you paint it like a leopard.

  11. Umm, I have to agree with Decorator Man Dan on this one and I would forego the leopard paint job. How about hot gluing around the perimeter of the stool a really wide Ric Rack ( or a Pom Pom fringe (,5672,406.htm) in a bright green or turquoise. Or a pretty gingham ribbon in one of these colors?