I think old age has caused Dog to take leave of her senses.

Yesterday, while on our morning walk, I lost track of where she was.  I called for her.  Nothing.  Called again, still nothing.  Third time was the charm, she came out from around the hay bales.  She didn't stop to say 'hey, girl. s'up?'  Nope.  She whizzed past me.  She had something in her mouth.

Something big.  Something she didn't want me to look at too closely. 

She didn't stop to see if I was following her home.  Wild creatures could have accosted me and she could've cared less.  Only when she had reach the house did she pause long enough to see if I was following her. 

She was on a mission.

On a mission to bury her find.  Never mind that she hadn't had breakfast.  

Nope, first things first.

First she tried to bury it here, among the hydrangeas.

Too many roots.

Where to go, where to go.

Aha, there's a good spot, next to the house, in the daylillies.

Perfect.  No one will know where I buried this...not even me.  Now for breakfast.

After Dog had her repast, she immediately went to where she'd hidden her treasure.

Time for dessert.

Yum.  Mmmm. Yum.

Yes, it's good.  Why do you ask?


What?  What did I do?

Finders keepers I say.  It's mine.  Mine I say.

Today, she did the same thing.  

Ignored me.  

Dissed me.  

All for the sake of a bone.

Anyone watching me.  No, good.  

Time to get to work.
I gotta work fast, I haven't had breakfast yet.  

Just a bit more digging.  There.  Done.  Time to eat.

Now, dessert.  Again.  

Darn.  There's the old woman and her camera.  Maybe if I turn my back to her she won't see what I stole found.

Curses, the jig is up.  She saw what I stole found.

Get that camera away from me, I have no comment.

Anyone know of a good doggie reform school.  Dog found stole her treats from the neighbor's dog's stash.  

I'm so ashamed.


  1. It's like small children who shamelessly beg candy off of anyone. I love it!

  2. LOL - You win for cutest blog post EVER!!! :-)

  3. I love Miss A's profile! btw...If the other dog is stupid enough to keep putting their stash where Miss A can find it, then it's not stealing. It's called being resourceful, which Miss A is doing very well.

  4. idle-wrtier,
    You, are an enabler! :)

  5. I agree with Auntie.

    She's being resourceful, that's what she was bred to do!