Mountain Man

Husband and I had dinner with a great guy tonight.  

We love him as if he were our own son.

He used to date Daughter when they were in high school.  

Odd, I know, that an ex of Daughter would still be like one of the family.  But, if you knew him you'd understand why.

Let me tell you about Mountain Man.

Along with being Daughter 's high school sweetie, he was one of my students.  For three years.  He was one of those rare students that actually applied what he learned in class and was actually able to speak Spanish.  He once told me that he'd practice what he'd learned in class by talking with the horses and cows when he went to feed them.  Yes, I laughed too but whatever works I say.  

Mountain Man is a passionate man.  Passionate about his beliefs.
After completing his Bachelor's degree, and before continuing on to law school, Mountain Man chose to do something completely unselfish.

Though not a Mormon missionary, Mountain Man has dedicated himself to work to help the humble people of Honduras better themselves through serving them.  For the last year and half or so Mountain Man has been working in the mountains of Honduras with Mission Lazarus.  Like the Mormon missionaries, Mountain Man has raised his own funds to finance the work that he is doing.

Every four months Mountain Man needs to leave Honduras to renew his visa.  His renewal travels have taken him to Panama, to the U.S. and last year one of his trips was to Haiti right after the earthquake.   He told us it was a very devastating but rewarding trip.  I can only imagine.

He was home this week on one of those renewal trips.  We're glad, so very glad, he called to invite us to join him for dinner.  He was in the mood for some 'good Tex-Mex', to use his words.  We obliged.

Mountain Man's Spanish is that of a native speaker, as one would imagine after living among native speakers for a year and a half.  I like to think I taught him everything he needed for the foundation of becoming such.  Maybe I did, maybe I didn't.  His grandparents, however, taught him what's truly important, serving others. 

Husband and I sure do love our Mountain Man.


  1. Oh! I'm so sad that we missed him! Had he been home only 4 weeks earlier!

  2. Reminds me of Greg Mortenson. I bet he was an interesting dinner guest.
    I must say, since I have been out of pocket, CONGRATS Granny-V! I bet Lauren will be the cutest prego-yogi out there!