Live Long And Prosper

I have a co-worker, a dear, dear friend, that challenged.  She has a hard time navegating the vastness that is the Internet.  She, like I, didn't grow up with all the whiz-bang-bells-and-whistles-technology of today's under 30 crowd.  We've had to earn our Internet stripes.  Our grey matter is sometimes challenged by the simpleness of the Internet or what many of you percieve as simple. 

Dear Friend sees me as her go-to person when it comes to matters of the Internet, though I'm not what you'd call an Internet geek.  I do know, through much trial and a heck of a lot of error, some of the detours Internet travel can throw at you.  Detours such as entering a URL, thinking that's what it should be, only to be taken on a journey you didn't fully expect. 

Today, Dear Friend, went on such a journey.

At the end of our semester next week, we are required to do some online in-service training, we need to be registered before then.  DF asked that I help her with this task. 

I've taken and registered for courses through Region 7 before, so, yeah, I felt confident I could surf that Internet wave without wiping out.

When I arrived in her room, she told me that she'd tried to register but she couldn't remember her password. She'd sent the request already for the site to send her the password.

Have your heard back from them?
When did you rquest it?
A while ago.
That's weird, usually they respond right away.  Show me what you did.

I thought it odd to see a Starfleet ensignia in the corner of the web page.  As I thought about it, I dawned on me that this was not Kansas and we needed to click our heels.

We did what all good Internet travelers do, we Googled. 

Before long we were where we needed to be. 

After registering, I had DF go back to the first web page to see what it was for. 

She had gone here.  But she needed to be here.

We laughed.  Out loud.  Long and loud.

The irony is that DF hates Star Trek.  That made me laugh even more.

Oh, the difference three little letters can make,  .net vs .com


  1. That is awesome. I laughed so hard!

  2. Ben and I had a good laugh too!!!