I Bleed Blue

Have I told you that I'm an unabashed BYU sports fan?  In case I haven't, I am.

Though I'm very impressed with Mr. Jimmer, I'd like to reminisce about Mr. Danny for a moment.

After this game, Husband and I made the mistake of driving up to campus to revel with the rest of the student body. 

Our car got caught in the melee, with us in it.  Some overly excited fans gathered 'round and started to rock the car.  It was a little scary for a moment.  But, we were part of the celebration.

I'm very excited about Mr. J.  He is quite the basketball player.

Watching the highlights to the most recent match-up made me wish I were in Provo for just a little while so I could watch the Mighty Cougars live. 

Nothing, compares to the excitement of college sports.

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