I was on a sabbatical from the ol' workouts over the Christmas break.  Actually I was sick most of the time I was off and not at all in the mood to exercise.  Especially when Mr. Cool, aka Trainer Man, aka Killer K, is leading the class.

Mr. Cool's classes can be rather rigorous.  I don't refer to him as Killer lightly.  I'm exhausted at the end of each and every class.  But I know I need it.  I need the prodding and the whip cracking to keep me in line.

Yesterday, at 5:00 a.m., ol' Killer decided to take a new approach with us.  He sprung something on us that totally threw me for a loop.

We had to write down our goals for 2011.

Do you have any idea how I despise writing down goals?!  Writing down a goal means you're serious about what you intend to do.  You are accountable!!! 

This is why I don't do New Year's resolutions.  I don't resolve to do anything, at least not in writing.


I wanted to be flip in what I wrote down. 

As the spiral notebook Killer used for us to write our goals was being passed around, I had a conversation with myself while I waited for it to get to me.

OK, V,  what would you do if one of your students was flip with you,  hmm? Yeah, I thought so.  You better think this through and write something you're willing to do...or get up and walk out right now and never show your face at the gym again. 

Double arrughh!

I wrote down three things, which is what Killer asked us to do. 

Do you want to know what they were? 

Oh, yeah.  Right. 

If I tell you, I'm doubly committed.

Maybe this is what I need to finally reach the mental goals I've been making for the past gazillion years.

OK.  I'll tell you.  I need the accountability.

Goal one:  Lose a bunch of weight...I'm not quite comfortable telling you exactly how much.

Goal two:  Change my attitude about running.  I hate it.  Hate it.  Hate it.  But, I need to do it so that I can reach goal numero uno.

Goal three:  Work out five days a week rather than just two.

There you have it.  I'm committed now and not to the crazy house.

I'll check in with you monthly and let you know how I'm doing. 

You might need to crack the whip along with Killer to keep me going.


  1. Yay Mom!!! You can so do it!

  2. Great goals! I don't like running either (I think I have gotten past *HATE*) but I LOVE what it does to my body. It is a fast and total workout. Good luck!

  3. I despise running, unless it's while doing something fun like playing basketball. I love to swim though. Give me a lap pool and I can swim for days. It's also the most effective way for me to lose weight and get fit. Too bad there aren't any indoor lap pools around here...

    Good luck! I have no doubt you'll achieve your goals.