So, V, where have ya been?  Hmmm?

Well, here's the deal, my Apple Was Operating Lousy.

Yep, the old MacIntosh MacBook was nothing more than applesauce.  Like you, I'd heard that Apple computers never had problems.  

Oh, that's a fallacy.  Mac's are just like any Dell, Viao, or IBM, machines with problems. 

Without going into what happened to ol' Mac, I'll tell you that Mac's problem required me to make several calls to the Apple Support Express Lane.  Each time I did, I found myself in a new place with a new tech.

I took a virtual trip throughout the U.S. in my calls to the support line.  My first call took me to Portland, Oregon.  The next call took me to somewhere in North Carolina.  Then I was in Arizona, followed by Sacramento, California.  After that, the next stop was Salt Lake City, Utah and then Boise, Idaho.  Final stop, back to Sacramento.  All this in a four day time span.

In traversing the U.S., I met Robert, Josh, Jay, Marcus, a couple of others I can't recall and finally Frank.  Frank was a supervisor.  No, I didn't ask to speak to him.  The last guy, I think it was Josh, felt sorry for me and all the calls I'd made without a resolution that he hooked me up with Frank the Supervisor.  

During the diagnosis process there was a lot of wait time, waiting for ol' Mac to respond to what I was told to do.  While the tech and I waited we had some lovely conversations.  Josh in NC and I talked about the weird cold, icy weather NC and Texas had been having.  Jay in SLC and I talked about his being a former PC guy but now a firm believer in Apple products and that he was from the Fish Lake area of Utah and that I really should go there sometime and fish...that won't be happening anytime soon, I hate fish.  

The only one I didn't get personal with was Frank.  Frank and I were all business.  He was ready to turn my applesauce back to a crunchy apple again.  I'm glad he was all business because I was ready to get things back to crunchy too.  After several, let's-do-this-and-well-that-didn't-work-so-let's-try-this-instead, we finally got Mac his Intosh back.  

Though all the techs were very patient, courteous and well versed in their craft, I hope I don't have to call on them again.  Never.  Ever.  


  1. somehow, I can't see fish lake being up your ally. There is literally nothing there. besides the resort, and some camp grounds. so it was fine for the family reunion. but I can't imagine being from there. it probably leaves fishing as the only thing to do.

  2. Lovely fish lake. I promise you, you DON"T want to go to fish lake. That is ALL there is to do there. Oh, except fry during the day,freeze at night and stay dirty all the time from the dust storm. Really quite fun if you ask me. And nothing is more frustrating than calling for help and gettting transferred from 1 place to the next to the next and so on.

  3. That is exactly why I haven't gone to Fish Lake. Poor kid. He probably thinks the same thing about you being from some where in the middle-of-no-where East Texas, though.

    And I'm happy that your Mac is working again. I still have strong faith in them. Especially since I never use a PC anymore. Not even at work.

  4. Sorry 'bout your Mac problems, but I can't say they're just like any other PC. We've had ours for 3 years with no problems :) And ditto to the Fish Lake discussion--pretty, but not that great.
    P.S. I've been wondering where you where here in the blogsphere :)