Wiener and Then Some

I've been sampling some of the music y'all mentioned in your comments.  

Oh, my.  There is so much I've been missing out on. (eew, how's that for ending a sentence, not one but two prepositions.  yikes, bad, bad grammar!)  I will be perusing iTunes for later downloading.  

I know, you want to know who the wiener, I mean winner, is.  Alrighty, the wiener, er winner, is....

#54 Susanmeep

Congrats!  Please contact me within the next 24 hours to claim your loot and so I'll know where to send it.  Oh you might need an address, right?  Here ya go:

The title of the post says ...and then some.  Here's the, and then some.

You first met Esteban here.  Although, Esteban is not his real name, I do have to protect the innocent! 

Esteban had a slight accident over the weekend, one that could have had a potentially tragic outcome.  However, he is no worse for wear.

Sort of.

Warning, if you're squeamish scroll past the picture quickly.

Here's his latest close up.

What happened you say?  

Esteban was doing some target practice with his rifle this weekend and, to put it bluntly, the rifle won.  Somehow the rifle kicked back and the scope landed squarely on Esteban's forehead.  Ouch.

As with head injuries, he bled, in Husband's immortal words, like a stuck pig, which I suppose is a lot since I've never encountered a stuck pig.  I asked Esteban if he bled like a stuck pig, he knew exactly what I was talking about, figures, and he said he did.  That the blood not only ran down his face but also squirted out.  Eeww.  

Esteban was at his grandmother's when this happened.  Poor thing, he says she almost fainted when she saw him, I can understand why.

All of this is leading up to something.  My mind wanders.  A lot.

After Esteban told me his tale, it got me to thinking about his grandmother.  Miss Betty Lou.
Miss Betty Lou, was Husband's first grade teacher.

Husband taught Esteban's mother when she was in Jr. High.

When I was at my other employ, I worked along side Esteban's mother for a couple of years until she found greener pastures.

I now teach Esteban and work alongside his aunt, his mother's twin sister.  

Now tell me, could this happen anywhere else but in a small town? I think not.


  1. Ooh, I hope Esteban's head has stopped hurting! Poor guy. And, your story is ringing some bells with me, lol...I grew up in a small town, and everyone is related to everyone, it seems.
    Congrats to the winner!

  2. Debbi, Esteban is doing fine, he has a very hard more ways than one :).

    Having grown up in a town of 70,000, it was difficult for me to understand the nuances of small town living, such as everyone knowing everyone else. After twenty six years here, I've embraced it completely.