Walking on the Wild Side

Though none of us likes to admit it, we are judgmental beings. The first step to overcoming our prejudices is to admit them.  I'm here to help.  

Are you guilty of the following:  You see someone, do a quick assessment of how they're dressed and then draw a conclusion as to their character, what they do for a living, where they live, the type of people they hang out with, and whether or not you'd want them as your BFF...all in less than 2.0 seconds.

Lemme illustrate my point.

Several years ago, 6 to be exact, if I saw a woman with her toenails polished I thought she was a floozie.  What's a floozie?  Um, a woman with, how to but this delicately, loose morals.  And, if the polish were red, well, oh she was way past the floozie stage, she was flat out wild.  
When Daughter started polishing her nails, I was very concerned.  She and I had a heart to heart.  Oh, yes we did.  I set her straight and told her how the cow ate the cabbage.  

Young lady, just what do you think you're doing?  Do you know what kind women polish their toenails??

Chill out mom.  


Then she sat me down and told me how the cow ate the cabbage.

Mom, have you ever had a pedicure?


You need one.  You're too stressed out.  It'll help your mood and outlook on floozies.

Young lady, I'm your mother.  I'm not stressed.  I know a floozie when I see her toes!

She sent me to her therapist.  I liked her.  I liked her A LOT.  

The Divine Miss L helped me see that polished toenails do not equal floozie.  I had a big change of heart.  

I started wearing red on my toes, I felt so liberated.

I had a therapy session last week.  I had a difficult time picking out a color for my tooties, as always seems to be the case.  Once again the Divine Miss L, or rather her daughter the other Divine Miss L, took care of this most difficult choice.  

Wanna see what she chose?



Divine Miss L 2 said I needed some bling.  

Bling on the toes, what does this say about me?  Am I walking on the wild side?  


  1. Oh my! I haven't seen this much glitter and sparkle on anything other than a Disco ball. I highly approve and I love it!

  2. idle-writer,

    perhaps i'm subconsciously reliving my disco days!

  3. i LOVE those toes you floozie !