A Walk on the Wild Side

This morning I went to the elementary school; it's next door to HHS.

After walking through the hall, I said a prayer of thanks that I do not teach anyone younger than fourteen.  As much as I moan and groan about my hoodlums, I'll take teen angst over whinny voices, runny noses and ultra short attention spans. 

Don't get me wrong, I love children.  I had one once.  I even played with her.  There's something though about a roomful of five year olds that sends me over the edge.  I admire the patience elementary school teachers have with their charges.  My hat's off to them.

Oh, then there's the whole we-have-to-cover-every-inch-of-wall-with-this-and-that; too much visual stimulation for these old, worn out eyes.  The old eyeballs are still trying to recover.

I'm most definately where I need to be.  Umm, shhh, don't tell my punks, they might get the idea that I like them and then, well, never mind.


  1. I am cracking up at this..event though I have 4 kids that are quite small still....i still could not imagine teaching a classroom full of littles!!!

  2. Why did you have to go to the elementary school? I must say I do love going to the wee ones' schools...something about the smell of paste, play dough and crayons makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I also get a kick out of trying to drink out of the teeny tiny water fountains.