Please, Come In

I've finished decorating the house.  Please come in and take a look.
Here's the living room.  Lots of trees, Santas and Snowmen.

I do have favorites, my apologies to those decorations that might feel slighted.

From the mantel, it's these. 

They remind me of 'camping' with Daughter when she was three.  Our camping trips consisted of a small campfire in the backyard where we would roast hot dogs and make S'mores.  I've had these for a long time.  Ever since Daughter left home I've gotten very sentimental when these are unpacked and placed in their designated spot.

Here's my favorite tree in the 'forest'.  He's new.  Baby Sis sent him to me this year.  He reminds me of my childhood aluminum tree, everyone had one back then.

Would you like to see the dinning room and kitchen?

I've blogged, rather vehemently, about my issues with glitter.  I found a way to have glitter without finding it on my face three days later.

Keep it under glass.

And now, for my favorite room in the house at Christmas.  The family room.  This is where we have all of the Nativities.  This one is both Husband's and my favorite.  He likes it because of the dog, I like it because it is so original.  We've had it for quite a while, twenty plus years.

This one was given to me by Sister-in-law K.  I believe it came from Hungary.  The cinnamon and cloves make it smell sooo good.

This terracotta nativity was given to me by a very sweet, caring woman in my ward not long after we moved to Texas.

Here is the newest addition to the collection.  I found it this summer while in PDX.  It's a puzzle, hand cut and painted.

Thanks for stopping by, I loved having you visit. As we're apt to say in my Little Corner of East Texas, y'all come back!


  1. I love it Veronica!!! So pretty! Bob has an aversion to glitter as well... I like it... It is shiny and sparkly - like me!! LOL Racheal

  2. Oh how I wish we could be there for Christmas! It all looks beautiful. The S'mores snowmen are super cute. btw...does Miss Addie have a stocking, too?

  3. Thank you all for the kind words.

    Racheal, you most definitely have a shiny, sparkly personality! It sounds like Bob and I are on the same wave length :)

    idle-writer, Miss Addie doesn't have a stocking, however, she does get some special treats on Christmas, she is not forgotten :)

  4. B-E-A-utiful!! I love nativities too. Yours are so unique and fun! Love that. :)