Play Day

Art Teacher and I had a play day with Crafty Friend.  It was fun with a capital F.  

Crafty Friend has talent beyond compare.  Her mind works in ways that are incomprehensible.  Art Teacher commented that she feels very inspired after seeing what C.F. creates, which is saying a lot. C.F. is super cool.  One reason for her coolness, she's willing to share her skills with anyone.  If you're into crafts, bookmark her blog and become a follower, she posts regularly about her projects and shares her expertise.

What did we craft?  A.T. and I worked on the little scrapbooks we started this summer.  What's unique about these scrapbooks is that they're made out of brown paper lunch bags.  See if you can make out the brown paper bags.

This is A.T.'s

Here's mine...I still have a long way to go before I finish!

The tab in the above picture pulls out so that a picture can be attached.

Here's another page.

Again, the tab pulls out to add a photo.

Crafty Friend worked on a book made out of coin envelopes, you find these at Office Depot or Staples.

The covers for Art Teacher and my scrapbook are made by gluing scrapbook paper to cereal boxes then embellishing to your heart's content.

I enjoy play days.  I need to hook-up with A.T. and C.F. more often, even if I do feel like a minnow swimming with the dolphins.  My two gal pals are very, very talented.


  1. You must bring this to class on Tuesday morning so I can see it in person!!! It looks awesome! Racheal

  2. You are so sweet but you make me sound way too good!! I had a blast working with you two. We need to do another project soon.

  3. No, Miss Crafty, you are THAT good! I agree, another project is in order.