Leaves Everywhere

Husband and I had the opportunity Saturday to help out a member of our ward who's been a bit under the weather.  We, along with eight other ward members, raked approximately two acres of oak leaves.  

That's right, two acres.  

I thought we had a lot of leaves, we have but a mire swipe of the rake in comparison to Bro. Miller's home.  

It wasn't necessarily hard work, it just took a long time. 

Husband and I used our blowers, yay for leaf blowers, while the others used rakes.  

We made leaf piles, lots and lots of leaf piles.

After the leaves were raked and piled, some of them were moved using a homemade skiff and a four-wheeler.

When this little guy wasn't raking and moving leaves, he was riding in the skiff, buried in leaves...oh how I wanted to take a turn!

The leaves were then dumped to create the Mother of all leaf piles.

What do you do with all the leaf piles once you've finished raking?  

Husband and I blow ours out into the pasture or back under the trees outside the fence line and let them decompose or let the cows use them as a bedding. 

Others, many others, in My Little Corner of East Texas, however ....burn them.

Please, don't call the EPA, this is how they roll around here.  Just make sure you're not standing down wind and you'll be fine.

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