An Homage To My Seesters

I consider myself fortunate to have two sisters and that we get along so well.

We always have, though Daughter thinks that Older Sis and I were mean to Baby Sis.

I'll admit that Older Sis and I occasionally teased, picked on or otherwise tormented Baby Sis but that comes with the territory of being the baby of the family, right?  

Baby Sis survived, if anything I credit her turning out to be the fine woman that she is today to our sisterly 'prodding'. 

What did we do to torment the wee one of the family.  Nothing bad...well not really bad.

Older Sis and I would occasionally tell her, when she was at her bratty best, that she was brought to live with us by way of the garbage man.  Is that so mean?

Since Older Sis is eight, almost nine, years older than Baby Sis and I'm seven years older, it would fall on us to get her ready for school.  Sometimes Baby Sis would squirm while we braided her hair.  To get her to stop we'd threaten to rap her on the head with the brush if she didn't quit.  She wouldn't, so we did.  She had a hard head (still does), I don't recall her ever crying.  

When Baby Sis came home from the hospital I was not a happy camper.

Older Sis and Brother oooed and ahhed looking at her from the backseat of the car, I sat in the middle of the backseat and pouted, thinking to myself 'what's the big deal about a stupid baby'.  I didn't like her.  I wanted her to go away!  

Now, I can't imagine life without her.  

Older Sis is eighteen months older than me.  We were buddies growing up.  She paved the way for me in so many areas of life.  She was my beacon, my protector, my example.

Sometimes I hated that she was older than me, she got to be the first at everything.  

In high school we often had the same teachers, she being one year ahead of me the inevitable comparisons followed.  Older Sis was/is extremely intelligent which made following in her footsteps kinda hard for someone of average intelligence like me.

Older Sis was kind and patient with me, so much so that she and I shared some of the same friends.  That had to have stunk for her.  Punky younger sister always tagging along, yuck.  Her willingness to share her friends with me made high school life bearable for a shy (yes, I know, hard to believe this opinionated woman used to be shy), overweight, square-peg-trying-to-fit-into-a-round-hole-girl.

Baby Sis and Older Sis have something in common, other than being sisters to moi, they both have birthdays in December.  Though Older Sis doesn't claim hers, long story for another time, it's on the twentieth.  Baby Sis has hers today.  Yep, she's a New Year's Eve baby.  She says that she used to think the parades were in her honor, oy vey.

Happy Birthday Mis Hermanas!


  1. Thank you Veronica! I have the best sisters in the world! btw...I've never looked better in a beret (they look awful on me now)

  2. Happy B-day, younger cunada!

  3. What a sweet post! No other friendship compares to that of a sister. :-)

  4. Thank you, Miz V! I believe that I have the best sisters ever. I have friends that are jealous of my relationship with you both and for that I feel bad for them, fortunate for me. --Older Sis

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