Good Day

The day before an extended vacation is always challenging.  Today was no exception. 

Imagine what you're like right before you go on vacation.  Excited.  Anxious.  Unmotivated.  All you can think about is, when is it time to leave.

Now, multiply that by 380.  That's what it was like at work today.  Fortunately, it was only a half day, the kiddos were gone by noon.  Yay.

My day, despite the chaos, was a good day, not because of the early release.  No, not that.  It was because of what one teacher/coach did.

Coach D teaches Government and Economics, his classes are made up of seniors.  Students who are at the stage where they are consumed with thinking about what's next in their life or when will this year end so I can get out this place. Kiddo's suffering from a terrible case of the I-don't-wanna's. Coach managed to get these darlin's to think beyond themselves.  

What did the coach do?  I'll tell you.

Coach D got wind of a child at the elementary school who was not going to have any type of Christmas.  He told his classes about J and his situation and they ran with the idea of providing a Christmas that this precious child will never forget.

J told Santa, who then told Coach, that he liked the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Longhorns, that he'd like a remote controlled toy, something to play music on, a guitar, an electronic toy and many other things.  

During my conference period, I happened to be walking past the library.  I saw that there was a crowd of students gathered and being the curious person that I am, I stopped in to see what was going on.

I was in for a treat.

The library was where the 'elves', as Coach D called the students, were going to deliver J. his goodies.

The senior students of HHS, all 90 of them, provided everything this child asked for, and then some.  J has enough Cowboys and Longhorn stuff to last him well into his Jr. high years.  The guitar was not a plain Jane, no, no, it was an electric guitar complete with amp and music books so he can learn to play it.  His electronic toy was a portable Playstation, I don't know all the PS2 lingo but it was something that eight or nine of the seniors helped provide.
The generosity and selflessness of these youth moved me.  Yes, I'm a crier, though I did a pretty good job of keeping the tears in check, until one particular student gave her gift to little J.  Her's was truly a widow's mite

This special elf will more than likely not have much, if any, of a Christmas herself.  Her father is deceased, her mother is an addict.  Elf has been physically abused by her mom, Child Protective Services was called but because she is older than the cut off age (yep, there is a cut off age, something I didn't know) she is not eligible for foster care.  Elf lives with her boyfriend, something she says she knows is not the best situation but it's better than living in an abusive environment.

Life can't get much more difficult than that.  And yet, Elf found it in her heart to give to someone she felt had less than she.

I am humbled beyond words. 

I appreciate so much the actions of Coach D.  He helped his seniors look beyond themselves and capture the meaning behind Christmas.  When I expressed my thoughts to Coach D about the giving nature of his students, he told me that he was shocked at the generosity demonstrated by them.  He never expected so much to be given to one little boy.

My day, was a good day.


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