Do you have a favorite store?  One that you could spend hours in and not realize you've been there for hours?

I do.  

It's this place.

I've been going to Barron's for over twenty years. 

It started out as a small book store.  Small and cozy.  It was one of Daughter's favorite places to get books for bedtime stories.  We would spent hours looking through all the books trying to pick out just the right one, only to leave with five or six 'right ones'.

Over the years Barron's has evolved into a shopping experience.  I go here when I want a unique and special gift or when I need some 'me' shopping time.  If you live in my Little Corner of East Texas and have never been to Barron's, let me take you on a tour...and tempt you to go.

Looking for some unique bath products, wonderfully scented candles or scented drawer liner?

Barron's has them.

Need a special house warming gift?

Go to Barron's, they'll hook you up.

Looking for a book?

They still have them.  Yes, you could go across the road to Books A Million, but Barron's is intimate, cozy and the people know their stuff.  Plus...they are ever so friendly.

Hungry?  Let me tempt you with ...


Salads not your thing.  Try this, bison.

Cafe Barron's also serves, halibut, steak, you know, manly food.  Plus...FABulous desserts.  When Art Teacher, History Teacher and I have a girls night out, this is one of our go to places.  Love.  It.

Tempted to go?  

No?  Oh.

Would a $50.00 gift card tempt you to check it out?

Yes? Here's your chance to win one.

Leave a comment telling me which store it is that you can spend hours and hours in, Internet stores don't count.  Include your e-mail address so I can contact you, or, if you follow publicly, I'll contact you via your blog.   

Giveaway closes Monday at midnight.  I'll post the winner Tuesday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. Barron have no clue as to who I am, they don't even know I took pictures.  Shhhhh.


  1. Barron's looks like a place I could spend hours in as well! I'm ASSUMING Anthropologie is a store I could spend hours in, but today will be my first time to ever go in one! I'm heading out to visit my sister in Little Rock today, and they just got one in! So excited!!

  2. That looks like such a fun little store. How I wish I were closer to Texas so I could check it out! I could spend a lot of time shopping at Kohls. They have a good mix of clothing and housewares and even toys.

  3. I'm so entering this giveaway. I spend hours in Anthropologie. I love it there. There, and any bookstore.

  4. Book People in Austin (off of Congress). Or, Central Market - mainly because I actually get lost in there. Great choice in giveaways!

  5. I spend hours in craft and fabric stores. I love Hobby Lobby! But really, I spend hours in most stores these days playing chase with Ada :) Carts are my best friends.

  6. The store that I could spend hours in is Target. Even though I have worked there for about 3 years, I still love looking at all they have. 9 times out of 10 I usually find what I am looking for. I love shopping there clearance sections. I just get so excited!

    Janell Hall

  7. The store I would spend all day in is Barnes & Nobles or Borders! Books, books, and more books! Who doesn't love a good read? Am I right?

    cotysloan at yahoo dot com

  8. The store I could spend all day in is Radio Shack. I just love looking at all of their great electronics deals. So much fun! They're have some of the most innovative merchandise around... and even at decent prices!


    writeme at heidimail dot com

  9. powell books is pretty interesting

  10. I love a Half Price Books. I could spend so long browsing through the books: recognizing ones I've read and ones I've heard about and want to read. I also love the children's section. I love buying the books I read as a child for my own kids now.

  11. hmmmm... so many stores, so many hours... target, hobby lobby, cooking stores, hastings, the container store. i think i just like to shop.

  12. I'm sure I could spend hours on end at Fabric Depot in Portland. I've decided that I need to meet up with my mom for a weekend in Portland just so I can go there. Imagine a store the size of Sam's Club packed full of fabric. It's amazing. I've never been to Barron's, but now I'm intrigued. I may have to check it out for some last minute Christmas shopping!

  13. why does my husband not know about these places when we come down? that's what I would really like to know. because I have been to the books a million across the street many times. (and I think I would rather go here.)
    As for me, its all about Barnes and Noble. The kids area keeps the boys entertained for hours and I can browse and browse and read and read.

  14. if i lived in Utah it definitely would be D.I. It is always on my to do list when I step off the plane. I can spend forever in that place...home is T.J. Maxx! I love it! My running posse took me to Barron's for dinner on my birthday. It was my first time to eat there and it was so good. I can't wait to take my denny!!

  15. Sam's. That may be kinda sad, but I love it!