Big Papa

I like to think I run a tight ship.  I expect my students to work hard, do their best and be respectful at all times.  

I think I've begun to rub off on some of them.  

Monday, I had a student make-up a quiz he'd missed, he was gone with the basketball team the day it was given.  Slim was hesitant to take the quiz; like many, he didn't prepare adequately (read, he didn't study).  He was scared, his buddies had told him it was a hard quiz.  He begged to take the quiz the following day.   

He begged.  And he begged.  I did not acquiesce.   Remember, I run a tight ship.  

Slim took the quiz.  I graded it, he passed but not with his usual high marks, and I handed the quiz back to him.

Big Papa, Slim's friend, took a look at Slim's grade and made some remark to him.  I thought nothing more of the situation and proceeded to help another student.

A few minutes passed and Big Papa asked if he could borrow my camera.  (Yep, they all know I carry a camera everywhere I go, I've trained them well).  I wasn't sure why Big Papa wanted the camera and didn't even stop to ask him why he needed the camera.  I hand Big Papa the camera and returned to helping whomever it was I'd been helping. 

Next thing I know, Big Papa comes to me and shows me this:

I was somewhat perplexed.  Somewhat amused.  Somewhat concerned.  Concerned that Slim might be offended, though I knew that was probably not the case, he and Big Papa are BFF's.

I asked Big Papa, did you put Slim in the corner?

Big Papa:  Yes.

Me:  Why?

Big Papa:  Because, Slim knew about the quiz and didn't study for it.  AND, he's smarter than the grade he made.

Peer pressure can be good, no?

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  1. Now if only my students would punish themselves, too.