This is Living

I read an article on Yahoo recently about some of the things you miss by living in a city.  

I'd like to expound on their list.


I love the plaintive sound of a train whistle in the distance.  There's something very soothing to me about that sound in the middle of the night when Insomnia comes to visit, it can almost put me to sleep.

The who-who who of a horned owl.  Heard one just this morning as Husband and I were reading our scriptures at 6:00 a.m.  Every time I hear one I think of an old Indian saying, which, well never mind it might spook some of you.


Not only can you see the stars, you can also see the Milky Way, I'm not talking about the candy bar either.  Amazing that you can see it on a clear, cold night. Simply amazing.

Animals and wildlife

Dog has to have a quick walk every night before coming in for the night.  

We have no street lights.  

We have stars, moonlight (when it's out) and a flashlight.  

It's very peaceful, walking by the light of the moon, just you, your BFF, the sounds of crickets in the background and the uneasy feeling that something is watching you.  It scares the bajeebers out of you when that uneasy feeling is interrupted by the howling of a coyote.  Right behind you.  Followed by the howling of a kajillion more coyotes.  Then, you're ready to break into a dead sprint, all .20 miles of road, when you swing the flashlight around and see two, red, beady eyes staring at you.  

Dog was oblivious to all this, she was busy sniffing who know what, ignoring my loudly whispered calls for her to come here. 

City dwellers will never experience that kind of excitement. 

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  1. Blue eyes are the ones to worry about...according to my wilderness expert!