Random Thoughts From My Warped Brain

1.  The moon was particularly ethereal last night.  Kinda spooky too.

2.  Today I drove in a 295 mile circle.

3.  Northeast Texas has some odd names for towns.  Dimple.  Addielou.  Fraught.  Novice.  Truth be told  these weren't actual towns but rather blips on the road radar.  None of them had more than a few houses, although Addielou did have a feed store.

4.  This is what Northeast Texas looks like at 70 m.p.h.

5.  Poison ivy is very pretty in the fall, but just as lethal!

6.  We have trees.  Husband and I have a lot of work to do.

7.  Giveaway post tomorrow! 


  1. You need a leaf blower! I blew off my entire yard Saturday and you can hardly tell I did anything. Ugghh!!!!

  2. We have two leaf blowers, his and hers. Like you, after 20 minutes it's hard to tell we've done anything!

  3. I like the way your warped brain works. It's thought provoking.