Photo Finish

Husband and I were discussing this giveaway Monday night. 

We both agreed that we'd love to be able to give each one of you a DSLR.  Oh, how I wish I could do so. 

Each one of you gave me very compelling reasons to choose you as the winner. Boy, I'm glad I didn't base this giveaway on 'who ever writes the most compelling comment'...I'd have to go into hibernation 'cause I wouldn't have been able to choose a winner. 

So glad I have my old stand by,

There were 43 entries, I combined the 12 from the New Toy post with the 31 from the Survey Says post.  The last 2 entries on the New Toy post didn't qualify.

So to meet my 12:30 deadline I will now announce the winner.

Congratulations to #30, Kadie. 

Please contact me at within 24 hours.  If I don't hear from you, I'll pick another winner. 

I can just sense some of you hoping Kadie doesn't meet her deadline...hmmm.


  1. REALLY!!? I never win anything! I am SO excited!

  2. Paul Simon.
    Circa 1975.
    Mama don't take my kodachrome away...
    Tear drops beginning to form and fall...

  3. love that kadie won it! I know she deserves it! congrats kadie!