Earlier this week, Apple made the Beatles available through iTunes.  I'm sure there was some legal or technical reason the Fab Four weren't available on iTune before this week, whatever it was I'm glad it's been resolved. photo
I told the young women at church about now being able to access the Beatles on iTunes, fully expecting them to say 'the whaat', they all knew who I was talking about, I was surprised.  Good music is timeless and will transcend generations I suppose.

I remember when the Beatles first came into existence.  Yes, I am THAT old.  I was but a mere child, six to be exact, when they crossed the Atlantic to appear on the Ed Sullivan show.  What most of you have only seen on YouTube, I saw first hand, though the memory is somewhat faded.

It was standard procedure in the Jimenez household, as it was for most back then, to watch Ed on Sunday nights.  Mom and Dad were not too hyped about allowing us to watch the reprobates that were about to invade our TV.  The Beatles with their new style of music, long hair and funny accents were indeed bucking the norm.  Our parents, wanting to protect our impressionable minds, where understandably hesitant.  But, watch we did.  I was confused as I watched.  I couldn't understand why all the girls were screaming.  And crying.  I don't remember if I liked the music or not, I remember I just wanted to watch Topo Gigio.

That was the first and last time we had the Beatles in our house.  Dad was not an instant fan.  We were not allowed to listen to them on the radio nor watch any subsequent broadcasts of them on Ed Sullivan's show.  It wasn't until I was in fifth grade that I recall hearing them again, thanks to my French teacher.

French Teacher was of the belief that we could learn French by listening to, and singing with, the Beatles' song Michelle.  I felt so naughty doing so but she was the teacher.  When I told my dad what the French teacher was doing he said that it was OK, not to worry.  I guess he'd come to accept them.
Needless to say I've been busy sampling and downloading Beatles tunes this week, so has Husband.  Beatlemania has struck again.


  1. I remember her, Mrs. Donges. She was a very "free" spirit. She sang "I Don't Get No Satisfaction" by the Rolling Stones in our class and she had us singing "Yesterday". How appropos to your blog. You have a way of taking me back to places I hadn't thought of in eons. Thank you! --Older Sis

  2. Yes, Mrs. Donges, couldn't remember how to spell her name! We also sang yesterday, and Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel. She was a 'free' spirit!