No Joy in Mudville

The Rangers are not the World Series champs.  (Insert long, loud sigh)

Like Cindrella, I'd hoped to not hear the clock chime midnight.  Though in this case, it was 'strike three' of the last out in the bottom of the ninth inning.  And sadly,  there was no shoe left behind for Prince Charming to deliver.

As a Rangers fan, I saw what was once deemed the impossible.  The Rangers made it to the World Series.  Wow.  Pigs can fly.

I imagine Son-in-law, Baby Sis and Older Sis did a little victory dance last night; well maybe not SIL and Older Sis.  Baby Sis, I'm almost certain she did! Congrats.  But, I'm still a loyal Rangers fan, SF just doesn't hold the same allure as it did way back when. 

One last parting video, from back when the Rangers first came to Texas.

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  1. Bats went dead...pitching was weaker than the ALCS...fielding was not too good...and R. Washington got out managed by Bochy...

    But, the Rangers did better than I have ever seen...I've followed them since 72 or 73...many bad years, but I hope that is all over.