NIght Moves

Last night, at 9:30, I took Dog for her nightly constitutional.  

Last night, at 9:30:25, I had the bajeebers scared out of me.  

Here's how it went down.

I'd just walked down the drive and stepped onto the road when Dog went into alert mode.  I went into alert mode.  I had just formed 'come here' on my lips when she took off.  Fast.  Very fast.  Extremely fast for a thirteen year old dog.  My heart started pounding.  My palms started sweating.  My hands moved in s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n.  By the time I got the flashlight up to see what Dog was pursuing, all I saw was a tan, rapidly moving, blur.  It was moving fast, fast enough to out run Dog.  It ran into the bottom strand of barbed wire, causing it to reverberate loud enough that I was able to hear it, causing my heart to pound even more, causing my feet to grow roots where I was standing, paralyzing my vocal cords.

Flight or fight didn't happen with me.  I froze.  While my roots extended even deeper, I'm thinking, move V, move.  For the sake of all that is good, move!  Then I thought, while the roots went deeper, what if whatever it is circles around the house and comes up behind me.  And attacks me.  What if whatever it is has taken Dog captive and you'll never see her again.  OK, maybe not that, but I was growing concerned because I hadn't heard BFF bark, yelp, whimper or moan the entire time.  This is when I was finally able to uproot myself and began rather timidly whistling for her.  Nothing.  So I whistle again, louder.  Nothing.  I call her name.  Nothing.  Not a sound.  All I could hear was the wind blowing and the leaves falling.  My heart is pounding even more.  Then I hear the click click click click of her nails on the pavement.  

Whew!  OK, let's go in.  No,  we can't, she hasn't 'taken care of business' yet.  Great.  We still have to walk up the road.  Heart still pounding, we proceed up the road.

The moon was full last night, it's light bright enough that I could easily see into the twenty acres to the left of the road. I didn't see anything moving. Maybe it's hiding, I thought. 

As Dog is trotting up the road, nose to the ground, sniffing where 'it' had been, investigating the strand of barbed wire that had been accosted by the UTO (unidentified tan object), I'm looking all around me.  It was as if I was spinning and walking at the same time.  Yes, it was as weird as it sounds.  I didn't see anything, thankfully, regrettably.  

After I came to my senses and uprooted myself, I wanted to find whatever that tan blur was.  I rummaged the corners of my mind trying to figure out what it might have been.  A rabbit, too small wouldn't have cause the wire to shake.  A coyote, maybe, but they aren't usually tan, more gray.  A, dare I say it, cougar?  I don't know, I don't think it would have run, well at least not run away from Dog.  

When I came in the house and told Husband about our little adventure, his first words 'it was probably a cat'.  Me, 'No, it was bigger than a cat'.  Husband, 'not a house cat'.  Me, 'Oh.'  Husband, 'or maybe a wild pig.'  Me, 'I've seen wild pigs and they aren't tan.'

The whole incident, Dog on alert, Dog giving chase, me taking root, me coming to my senses, Dog coming back, took maybe one-two minutes.  It seemed like an eternity though.  

I know that the UTO came from here

crossed the road, went under this

and is now somewhere out there.  Waiting.  Plotting.  Laughing.

Anyone know where I can get a good hand held flood light, a two bit flashlight just won't cut it anymore.

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  1. Funny and creepy at the same time! I'm really curious what it could have been!